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Tavan Gostaran Zino

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Tavan Gostaran Zino

Tavan Gostaran Zino Co. has been established as a specialized company, taking advantage of the modern sciences with the aim of designing, production (supplement), and installation of the following items:

Electrical and Instrumentation
Earthing system
Lightning protection
Cathodic protection (corrosion control)
New energies systems (Solar systems)

By relying on its 20-year experience since its establishment,human resources and knowledge of its engineers and experts, and by transferring of modern technologies and methods and their employment,
Tavan Gostaran Zino Co. has received a considerable growth in implementing EPC work in various industries
including oil, gas, petrochemical, refineries, power plants, and electricity posts.

Earthing System
Lightning Protection System
Solar System
Exothermic Welding System
Cathodic Protection System

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