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For 20 years the business ZINO has been active on the market and has always been a pioneer in Earthing System , Lightning Protection System, Solar System, Exothermic Welding System and Cathodic Protection System technology.
What has made us so successful is that in everything we do, we always think first and foremost of the benefits for our customers. A cooperation based on partnership and trust is a fundamental value in our company, which therefore also forms the basis of our customer relationships.


Close proximity to our customers and their projects We actively practise and pursue the close proximity to our customers. In countrywide, we provide the required Earthing System , Lightning Protection System, Solar System, Exothermic Welding System and Cathodic Protection System materials in order to be able to supply your projects and to cover peak demands. And we still continue to expand.
Valuable insights result from the many years of activity along with the different regional requirements regarding construction methods and procedures, material and equipment use as well as labour costs.
We bundle this detailed know-how in order to develop appropriate products and services. Thus, global knowledge and a countrywide competitive edge is created from local knowledge and understanding. And all our customers around the country benefit from this. This forms the basis of our performance leadership.


Our management stands for in-depth expertise. With the knowledge and understanding of local requirements, the right Earthing System , Lightning Protection System, Solar System, Exothermic Welding System and Cathodic Protection System are developed to meet all needs countrywide.

Continuous and steady growth based on our own strength is our maxim for the further development of our company. This is why we are constantly working on expanding our range of services as well as production capacities. Through the expansion of existing sites and establishment of additional country subsidiaries and locations, we are strengthening our local presence countrywide.
Our goal is to be even closer to our customers around the country in the future and to be able to serve them even better and faster. Our employees around the country, their performance and competence are our company´s true capital. Their high motivation and special ZINO team spirit, strong customer-oriented approach and their daily focus on actual customer requirements are the elements that has made us so successful since ZINO was founded.

What we believe in: Our values

ZINO’s success is based on strong values. It was the entrepreneurial spirit of Mr Yazdani and his fellow workers that helped to get the first hard-won contracts. The reliability of the ZINO team was what justified the trust that our first customers placed in us and helped us to win further contracts. The open-mindedness of many employees is what helped us to learn from each other and grow internationally. And passion is what makes us strive to find the best solution, right up to the last minute.

These same values will also guide our future activities. For us, it is both a duty and something close to our heart. Every single employee contributes to ZINO’s business success by living these business values every day, leading by example and passing them on to new colleagues.

What drives us: Our success factors

Our success factors are what make us strong in the face of tough competition countrywide. We need to rework them each and every day. The customer remains our focus – and that includes those customers we have not won yet. We want to be trailblazing innovation leaders, for the benefit of our customers.

Being a family company makes us strong, because we have the independence which allows us to make long-term decisions and to maintain our distinctive ZINO spirit. We need profitable growth and financial stability to be able to make long-term investments in our future. That means that we need to operate economically and efficiently together.

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